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early reader box


Inspire a love of reading from an early age and boost their development with these engaging, educational stories

In each box, you will receive 2-3 Books and 2 Activities according to the child’s age.

Learning to read should be a voyage of discovery; a route to mastery of the code that grants young children access to a world of stories and adventures.

Funsheet busy binder for kindergarten


Funsheets Busy Binder for Kindergarten is a set of 50 fun and interactive busy book activities related to age-appropriate learning concepts including English, Math and EVS. These are reusable activities that can be done repeatedly so they give a good hold of these introductory concepts.

Early readers phonics books


🌈Early Readers Level 1, 2 &3🌈
Combo of 3 books.
(Blending and Segmenting, Decodable Sentences, Paragraph Reading practice)

⭐️Description- A comprehensive Learning Resources to help little ones to read.
Includes 3 unique learning resources Level 1, 2, 3.
Each level designed carefully keeping in mind the different learning capabilities of children.

🌻Level 1 – Reading Fluency book- blending and segmenting.
Helps children become more fluent in identifying and reading words easily. From simple three letter words to more complex longer words.
Child will learn to break longer words and pronounce it correctly by blending and segmenting. Help them to prepare reading sentences easily.

🌻Level 2- Reading Fluency book- Decodable Sentences.
Early Readers level 2 is designed for children to start reading sentences. Starting with simple to complex sentences according to the phonics sounds.

🌻Level 3- Reading Fluency book- Paragraph Reading practice.
Early Readers level 3 designed to practice reading short paragraphs, short stories that helps children practice reading and writing more fluently. Contains fun and interesting rhyming stories. It is important to start learning to read passages more fluently. Level 3 readers book will help to read passages faster and fluently.

🥳Premium quality wipe and clean books.

Little explorer “our world” busy binder


Little Explorer “Our World” Busy Binder is a set of 30 fun and interactive busy book activities related to India and other countries of the world. It will introduce your child to animals from all the continents of the world and introduce 10 different countries including India, China, Japan, Australia, France, Italy and so on.

Memory chess


This great family board game assists in as well as improving hand-eye learning games for children, Exercise and improve memory, Improve the ability to observe details, and prevent memory loss for elderly. promote the development of various perceptual sensations, gain the perception of the shape and color of the object. After rolling the dice, find out the soldiers of the same color that have been hidden according to the color of the dice displayed. The winner is the party with more soldiers at the last minute. More different ways to play waiting for you to discover

word builder


This is a really good game to learn construction of simple words.

  • There are 2 sets of alphabets (so 52 alphabets in all), 10 extra vowels, and 24 wooden word cards(double-sided) included in the box.
  • First, identify the object in the flash card and make the corresponding word using the alphabets given.
  • Then reverse the card, identify the object, and spell it yourself!
  • The reverse of the card has only the image and not the word spelt out.
  • Enjoy playing step-by-step from easy to difficult levels.
  • Progress from simple 3-letter word cards to the difficult 6-letter word cards.
  • This game helps in letter identification, sorting skills, word building skills, spellings, matching skills, vocabulary building, and more!
  • 100% non-toxic
  • Contains small parts which may present a choking hazard. Use under adult supervision.
  • Comes in a wooden storage box.

shabd rachna


Looking for the best way to teach Hindi minus the rebuking and the struggling? Look no more, the Hindi Shabd Rachna is the ideal way to learn hindi word formation.

  • The set has a total of 138 pieces (38x38mm each) including:
    • 2 each of all 13 vowels
    • 2 each of all 36 consonants
    • 4 each of 10 maatras
  • Put the pieces together to spell all kinds of different words.
  • Comes in a wooden storage box.
  • 100% non-toxic and child safe
  • Made of MDF sourced from FSC certified forests, it uses non-toxic inks.

Note: Slight variations in color may occur between images and final product.

shabd rachna

16 pc monkey balance


Balancing monkey one above other is so much fun and increases focusing skills. Monkey size 6 to 8cm approximately

magnetic memory game


Magnetic memory game has 8 cards dual sided. Place the card on the box . Open 2 wooden pieces. If the pieces match take out the coins

spelling game with 52 letters


28 dual sided cards and 52 letters

108 pcs Alphanumeric game


Alphanumeric game helps with the enhancement of spelling, reading and basic calculations. Vibrant pictures attract kids’ attention and help them develop memory skills and logical thinking. Helps to build a robust vocabulary and offers a better parent-child playtime. Helps child to build a word with their own. Also helps to learn basic mathematics operations.

trapeze bar


Trapeze bar is a perfect energy burning bar. Kid can hang, swing, push up, spin and lot more.. Rod is 45cm. Rope is 15ft. Triangle handles are 19*15cm. Made of teak wood. Can bear up to 30kgs

dual sided airthmetic calculations


All the basic mathematics can be learnt with mazing these numbers

human body anatomy


The Human Body Anatomy – 5 Layered Puzzle..!! Are you someone who is interested in teaching kids on building a human body and help them to understand how the digestive system works, where does a stomach ache come from, and how do we hiccup? Kids must be intrigued to see how big the human heart is, how does the ribs look like, spinal cord and so many? This labelled anatomical puzzle will answer all your questions! This life-size, 5-level puzzle will teach human anatomy and make the biology lessons turn into a fantastic adventure! Discover the bones, digestive, blood, respiratory and urinary systems. Check the size of individual organs and bones, see what’s inside the chest, how long are the intestines and what else they hide the abdominal wall. Have fun, layer and stack … there are so many solutions! Truly Inspired by Montessori learning principles. This anatomy Puzzle has 79 parts in total..!!

Brain Anatomy


This is a Human Brain Anatomy Puzzle with detailed parts named within, designed for young kids to explore the sections of human brain and it’s placement in our body. This fun brain puzzle activity is a perfect compliment to homeschool science curriculum or anatomy unit study. The human brain is a complex and fascinating part of our anatomy, let’s earn about the different regions of the brain and the importance and functions of the same. This puzzle is a fun learning tool to teach and learn with its 19 dissectible parts which helps in studying and learning individual parts of our brain. Have fun constructing the human brain, learning the name of each parts and know its functions and inter relations with the other parts of the body

Map of the world


The board contains all the countries and continents. Place the correct flag on its country and explore the world. Enhances children’s knowledge regarding the geographical location of countries with their capitals and national flags. Country shaped puzzle pieces to fit in perfectly. Made from durable and safe foam material. Promotes child’s motor skills, improves size recognition.

Body structure puzzle


easy for children to put together their body parts. help your kid to learn his own body structure and their functions.6 layers of anatomy puzzle which includes the Body,Safety,Education,Gender,Muscles,Skeleton and the Organs

wash basin


child has the opportunity to feel like the lady or master of the house, serving amazing coffee, tea or cake, and then learns responsibility in household cleaning by washing the dishes.

Life cycle


The life cycle board toy is an educational tool designed to teach children about the lifecycles of various organisms. The toy typically consists of a board or panel with several sets of colorful and interactive components that represent the stages of a lifecycle.

For example, one set might illustrate the lifecycle of a butterfly, with the stages of egg, caterpillar, pupa, and butterfly represented on the board. Each stage may have a corresponding piece or figure that can be attached to the board to help children visualize the progression of the lifecycle.

Other sets might depict the lifecycles of different organisms such as frogs, plants, or birds, with each set offering a unique and engaging way to learn about the fascinating processes of growth and development in the natural world.

These types of toys are not only entertaining for children, but they also help to promote scientific literacy and an appreciation for the natural world. By using hands-on and interactive components to depict the lifecycles of various organisms, children can develop a deeper understanding of the complex processes that occur in nature.

All in one phonics book


All- In – One
Complete Reusable Wipe and Clean
(Use it 1000+ times and more 🥳💃)

📒Description- Jolly Phonics inspired Phonics Workbook complete laminated wipe and clean book.

👧 Designed for children 2.5 to 8 years.

📚Covers basic to Advance levels in Jolly Phonics.
A complete interactive and engaging book which Includes all 42 sounds (Group 1- 7)
Word bank with 1000+ vocabulary words,
CVC words, I can read sentences, Blends, consonant blends,long and short vowels, R controlled Vowels, Digraphs, list of Tricky words with activities, Phonics spelling Rules with examples, Phonics board games, colouring, Tracing and lots of activities.

🌸This book is a perfect fit for both parents and teachers looking for phonemic and phonological awareness skills for at home learning or for Classroom Resource.

🌈 Kit Includes👇
Mega Phonics book- complete wipe and clean- 130+ pages
Track your words cards- 2
Word Trip Board game Rule card- 1
Erasable Marker Pen- 1

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