Book a Box

Book a Box
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Learning through Play.

Are you aware that learning through play in early childhood education can help learners succeed in school and life?

The importance of early learning in students’ development is integral. This is why it is entrenched in the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Children are naturally curious and love playing. Play-based learning programs use their motivation to play as the foundation of learning. Creative and playful methods help learners explore, experiment, and understand concepts.

Book-a-Box is here to foster your child’s mind. We believe in energizing young minds with engaging books and learning through play based activities.

A book is a gift you can open again and again.

Garrison Keillor

Choose the right age-appropriate box for your child.

Book a Box Infant Box
Infant Box

Each box will contain 2-3 books along with infant activities. Reading at an early age develops interest in books and forms a strong bond between parents and child.

Book a Box Toddler Box
Toddler Box

Each box will contain 2-3 books with toddler activities. read it aloud to your toddler and let their imaginations fly.

Book a Box Early Reader Box

Early Reader Box

Each box will contain 2-3 books with age-appropriate activities. Read it aloud to your grown-up kid and the books will become their best friends forever.

Book a Box Young Reader Box
Young Reader Box

Each box will contain 2-3 books along with vocabulary and brain-stimulating activities. Read aloud perfect books to inspire new readers.

Book a Box Independent Reader Box
Independent Reader Box

Each box will contain 2-3 books along with brain-enhancing activities. Read alone perfect topics for regular reading habits.

Montessori Toy Box- Language

Each box will contain Magnetic Wooden Board for alphabets, Wooden Word Builder game and Language concept busy binder.

Number concept Montessori Toy Box
Number concept Montessori Toy Box

Each box will contain Magnetic Wooden Board for numbers, Wooden Peg-a-fruit game and Number concept busy binder.

Montessori Toys

You can choose from a variety of wooden Montessori toys such as Word Builder, Peg a fruit, magnetic boards etc.

Preschool Busy Binder

-Learn Alphabets, Numbers, Colors, Shapes, Tracing, Alphabets, Numbers, Seasons, Time, and much more with Busy Binder activities.

50 sheets of fun and interactive activities for preschoolers

Preschool Binder for Rs. 1199

Number concept Montessori Toy Box

-Learn English, Maths and EVS with Busy Binder activities.

50 sheets of Fun and interactive activities for kindergarteners.

Kindergarten Binder for Rs. 1599

Our World Busy Binder

30 sheets of velcro based activities on the theme “Our World”

-Interactive continent maps, 10 countries know about with additional fun activities to learn about their culture and famous landmarks.

What’s Inside the Book Box?

Every month we’ll send you a magical books tailored to super fun themes.

Every box you receive will be a set of fun age-appropriate 2-3 books with 2 engaging activities. Book-a-Box is the first subscription book box in India where you can get a box of books with surprise activities matching the theme of the books.We use expert reading material as per the age that will make the kid enjoy reading and develop the reading habit gradually. You just have to subscribe for the desired monthly subscription box and you will receive one box at the start of each month. You can even purchase the box for gifting purposes and make it a great option for Return Gifts as well.

Book a Box Whats Inside the Box

Look at our little ones enjoying!

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