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Magnetic Twin Play Tray – Alphabet Attic

A fun game to learn alphabets from!

  • This is a two-sided magnetic tray and comes with 26 magnetic alphabet tiles.
  • One side has all objects starting with each alphabet listed in the correct alphabetical order.
  • Place the alphabet tile on the corresponding images.
  • The game’s not over yet! Now reverse the tray.
  • This side has a scene of an attic in a house, made up of all objects on Side One, haphazardly placed.
  • Identify the object and place the matching magnetic alphabet tile on top of the object.

Magnetic Twin Play Tray – Number Scene (1-20)

A fun game to learn numbers from!

  • This is a two-sided magnetic tray and comes with 1-20 number magnetic tiles.
  • One side has different objects grouped together in different counts.
  • Count the number of each object in the scene and place the corresponding magnetic number tile on top of it.


Have fun while learning!

  • There are 10 two-piece puzzles from number 1-10.
  • Each puzzle is made up of 2 parts – one part is the number in numerals, the second part is the corresponding number of objects and the number written in words.
  • The fun has just begun! Once the puzzle is complete, identify the number of objects and put the corresponding number of pegs on top of the object!
  • 100% non-toxic and child safe.

Word Builder

This is a really good game to learn construction of simple words.

  • There are 2 sets of alphabets (so 52 alphabets in all), 10 extra vowels, and 24 wooden word cards(double-sided) included in the box.
  • First, identify the object in the flash card and make the corresponding word using the alphabets given.
  • Then reverse the card, identify the object, and spell it yourself!
  • The reverse of the card has only the image and not the word spelt out.
  • Enjoy playing step-by-step from easy to difficult levels.
  • Progress from simple 3-letter word cards to the difficult 6-letter word cards.
  • This game helps in letter identification, sorting skills, word building skills, spellings, matching skills, vocabulary building, and more!
  • 100% non-toxic
  • Contains small parts which may present a choking hazard. Use under adult supervision.
  • Comes in a wooden storage box.

Wooden Rainbow Stacker (12 pieces)

The Rainbow Stacker is one of the most versatile toys that you can get for your child. It is a Waldorf-inspired wooden toy. 

  • Improves fine-motor skills and problem-solving capability
  • Stimulates creativity and imagination
  • Supports colour and shape recognition
  • Improves hand–eye coordination
  • Promotes independent play
  • The Kidzobo Rainbow Stacker can be used to form bridges, tunnels, towers, swings and much more.
  • The Rainbow Stacker can be used as a standalone toy or in combination with other toys for building construction, stacking, nesting and many more pretend-play set-ups.

Basic Skill Learning Board for Toddler

LEARN TO TIE SHOES FOR KIDS – Wood shoe tie practice toys, best toys to learn to tie shoes. Parents help the child to teach how to learn to tie up the shoes. No need to use dirty sneakers to demonstrate how to lace shoes.The kit provides a funny and simple way for kids to master the art of tying their own shoe laces.MONTESSORI SHOE TYING TEACHING KIT – Wood laces kids shoes board for teaching kids to tie shoelaces. These will work great for a project as feet for a small free standing cabinet. Children’s first step in learning to tie their little shoe, nice preschool toys for infants, toddlers and preschoolers, great development toys.EARLY LEARNING TOOL – Learning how to tie your shoes, Practice lacing and tying skills. Exercise baby’s ability of practice to stimulate baby imagination, perceptual learning, so be creative in actual operation.Teeny tiny which is best for teaching tiny hands. Perfect size for developing fine motor skills.LACING EDUCATIONAL TOYS FOR KIDS – Material:High quality wood+environmental paint(Non-toxic), sturdy, smooth to touch; Size:11.73*8.56*0.35inch, enough for little one to carry around; Age:Suitable for 12 months up baby; Package included:1 x Wooden Sneakers,1 x Portable Waterproof Storage BagHOW TO TIE SHOES WOODEN PUZZLES : Wonderful tying shoes practice toy for therapy the child that is autist and very visual. a great educational accessory for kindergarten teachers and parents to train kids with the basic skill of tying their own shoe laces.Portable and take the board anywhere, never have to worry about your kids practicing to tie their laces with their dirty shoes on their clothes or carpet.

Wooden learn and write phonics Spelling Game for Kids Sight Words and Matching Letter Puzzles Toy

1. Letter learning: learn 26 lowercase letters and arrange them in order
2. Shape recognition: find letters corresponding to the clues of the card shape and combine them
3. Color classification: 5 color blocks, children will classify them
4. Vocabulary learning: 56 words about animals, transportation, nature and daily necessities
5. Spelling: Take out a single letter of a word and fill it in Contents : 26pcs of Writing cards, 26pcs of Word cards, 1pc of Wipe clean marker, 52pcs of Alphabet, 1 Pouch

Our Universe Flash Cards

  • Space toys or solar system puzzle for kids: flash card for kids allow to interact with information in a way that makes it easier to retain. Flash cards are strategically designed to enhance and encourage active recall helps child engages in active recall and confidence repetition, perhaps one of the greatest perks of flash cards is that your child can use them without support. Instead of being reliant on another person, you can encourage your child to study independently with flashcards
  • Flash cards for babies: a5 size large flash cards are made from thick stock of paper with rounded edges. Each set of learning flashcards can be used for toddlers and preschool kids to play and learn
  • Christmas gifts for kids: these high quality early learning flashcards are excellent learning toy or educational toys or a wonderful gift which helps develop babies’ brains. As engaging activity cards for kids, they are great gift for 4 year old girl, infants, toddlers and preschool children
  • Educational toys for kids 3 years: with constellations, planets and all things related to space, use this science flashcard game to teach your kids all about space or play with this set as a memory game
  • Solar system for kids our universe (SET OF 32 CARDS): these learning cards for kids are about the planets, sun, and moon, let your kids know that the earth is one of several planets in our solar system, with the sun at the center, and a moon that revolves around earth. Our solar system is located in the outward spiral of the milky way galaxy, one of many galaxies in the universe. Check out other cards for kids learning like dwarfs planets, galaxies, space station, etc

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