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shabd rachna

Skillofun Hindi Shabd Rachna

Easy technique to learn hindi word formation hindi can be a difficult language to pick up and if you provide your kids with an early hindi language learning platform, it can prove beneficial in their future academic careers. The Skillofun hindi shabd rachna is a word formation game that enables your child to learn the vowels and consonants of this language. This hindi word formation game consists of 130 pieces, 2 sets of vowels and consonants and 4 sets of matraas that can be put together to form different words. The activity spruces up your childs hindi language skills considerably. Safe to use and develops motor skills the hindi shabd rachna is a nice tool for not only developing your kids hindi language skills but also aids in improving thinking ability and motor skills. This hindi word formation card game is made from mdf that makes it light to use and the paints and colours used for the alphabets are non toxic and safe for kids. As your child gets engaged in this game, the game develops thinking and imaginative skills by forming new words using alphabets and vowels. The game also improves and helps develop motor skills and hand to eye coordination. Brand Skillofun type hindi word formation game recommended age 3 years and above ideal for boys and girls includes 130 pieces, 2 sets of vowels and consonants, 4 sets of matraas colour multicolour


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